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Give everyone the chance to code.

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Mind the gap. Lift youth. Teach code. Win-win.

While students exposed to computer science in K-12 are six times more likely to pursue it in college, only 47% of U.S. high schools teach the subject. Coupled with the fact that 15% of households with school-age children lacked high-speed internet in 2019, many of our youth are being left behind.

With Black or African American students making up just 3.7% of AP Computer Science participants, it’s urgent we address these disparities to ensure equitable opportunities for all.


Did you know? 

TheOpenCode Foundation has reached 56 countries with its programs.

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Questions? Answers.

We’re an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to bring computer science to everyone. Now, you might be wondering what exactly that means. Through programs such as our hackathons, podcasts, events, and outreach, we aim to educate students about computer science and our mission simultaneously. This, in turn, raises awareness to the digital divide and empowers young people to go out there and make a change in their own communities. Through a new initiative, launching in late 2023, we are partnering with young, local changemakers to empower them to turn a drop into a splash.

Thank you for your interest in investing in our cause. We wouldn’t be able to operate without the generous contributions we receive from our individual donors and corporate partners. To donate, you may use the donate button at the top of the page. We are proud members of the PayPal Giving Fund, and the button will allow you to make a secure payment through their platform. You can send us an email at hello@theopencode.org for other donation options. We’ve had donors send crypto, cash, and more!


Our volunteer team is one of the best in the nonprofit sector. Over the years, we’ve had over 250 volunteers who’ve gone through a rigorous, multi-step written application. We pride ourselves in choosing the best of the best in terms of volunteers. Our past volunteers have included Ivy League students, VC-backed startup founders, and more. To apply, fill out our application here! We look forward to having you join our powerful family of great volunteers. We believe in being the best to inspire the best.

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Learn to think. Then do.

“It's not about how to not harm people but rather giving people a tool that they that can make their lives richer, especially if they can put time into it and become better at coding, to make music, and then they can use this as a means of expression. ”

Ge Wang

Founder, Smule

our workshops

Learn from the best. Be the best.

Join Forbes 30 under 30 listmaker Niema Moshiri for a workshop about his workflow when conducting a real-time analysis of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus behind COVID-19).

Join award-winning Ivy League professor Michael Littman for a workshop on how we tell machines what we want and ways to improve our communication with machines.

Join U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney for a quick chat about the implications of artificial intelligence in government and our society as a whole.

Join postdoctoral fellow Elizabeth Bondi as she discusses the implications of artificial intelligence in social good through interactive, hands-on examples.

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When school is out of session, we ensure kids can still access meals.


Teaching kids and caretakers how to eat healthy and get active.