We’re a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide students from low-income families the education and resources required to pursue a career in computer science. Through our bootcamps, accelerators, and other programs, we reach people from around the world.

Access to Resources

All donations go directly to students, allowing us to provide powerful computers, paid subscription services, and internet access to all of our students. We focus on ensuring that each student has an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background. If a student wants to learn how to code, we’ll make sure they get that opportunity.

Advanced Curriculum

We aim to give low-income or underrepresented students the best computer science education. We not only want our students to have access to coding but get good at it, too! All chapters are taught by industry-leading experts in computer science. We also continually check and certify that our curriculum exceeds the standards used to measure top-performing high school courses.

Pursue Programming

By the time students have completed our curriculum, they’re ready for a college-level computer science course, but our support doesn’t end there. For those who show a high level of interest in pursuing computer science, we provide them a computer of their own, connect them to industry-leading professionals, and continue to encourage their coding efforts in any way necessary.

With your support, we’re confident that we can take our nonprofit to the next level, reaching a vast number of students across the world and giving them the resources to give computer science their best shot.