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Give everyone the chance to code.


Support groundbreaking research to help save lives

So many younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer and are dying needlessly. It’s critical that research is undertaken in this area now to help save their lives.

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Caridad has provided over 2 million breast health resources to women in need.

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Questions. Answered.

We’re a non-profit that aims to provide students from low-income households the education and resources needed to pursue a career in computer science, and therefore, we do not charge our students anything for our services. All computers, internet connections, and other accommodations, as needed, may be granted on a case-by-case need-basis.

Thank you for your interest in donating! The majority of our funding comes from individual donors like you, and we wouldn’t be able to operate without your generous contributions. To donate, you may use the donate button at the top of the page, or you can send us an email at hello@theopencode.org for other donation options. All donations are secured and powered by GoFundMe.

Partner organizations help us bring a computer science education to even more people. If you are a supportive housing facility or Title I school, we’re happy to collaborate and bring our programs to your students. Please contact us at hello@theopencode.org to learn more about how you can partner with us.


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Checked your breasts lately?

We’ll show you how. Checking your breasts is easy as TLC. ‘Know your normal’, so you can find any changes in your breasts as soon as they appear.


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Hear from Experts

“It's not about how to not harm people but rather giving people a tool that they that can make their lives richer, especially if they can put time into it and become better at coding, to make music, and then they can use this as a means of expression. ”

Ge Wang

Founder, Smule

Our Workshops

Join Niema Moshiri for a workshop about his workflow when conducting a real-time analysis of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus behind COVID-19).

Join Michael Littman for a workshop on how we tell machines what we want and ways to improve our communication with machines. This workshop is beginner friendly and is great for more advanced programmers as well, so let’s jump right in!

Join Congressman Jerry McNerney for a quick chat about the implications of artificial intelligence in government and our society as a whole.

Join Elizabeth Bondi as she discusses the implications of artificial intelligence in social good. Friendly for beginners, her workshop uses interactive examples and even shows examples of Jupyter Notebooks for more advanced programmers!

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