Our Board

Meet our board members, the people who make our organization tick. Whether it's managing operations, helping raise funds, or simply visiting our students, our board members are pivotal to making our mission possible.

Team member 02
Kunal Jain
Administrative Chair

Kunal is a Senior Project Manager at CircleCI and has been a pivotal part of product launches that have brought in double-digit user growth. Outside of work, you might find Kunal traveling, hiking or taking photos.

Team member 03
Amber Osborne
Marketing Chair

Amber is an award-winning market strategist, and was ranked #2 in Forbes Top 50 Most Influential CMO's on Social Media in 2016, one of the Top 25 VR Influencers and Top 30 Twitter's Most Influential Marketers.

Team member 03
Bhupen Kishor
Financial Chair

Bhupen is the Managing Director of Investments at Wells Fargo and helps his clients manage, preserve, and grow their wealth. In the wild, you may see Bhupen buried in a good book or interesting news article.

Team member 03
Lisi Linares
Public Relations Chair

Lisi is the founder of a cutting-edge public relations firm, which focuses on a more 21st Century approach to PR including viral memes, jingles and a more focused vision on GenZ. Lisi keeps her finger on the pulse and is always a step ahead.

Team member 03
Timothy Owen
Operations Director, Kenya

Timothy is the program assistant at Facebook and trains full-stack web developers on their behalf. He's also extremely involved in his local community and drives innovation and technological developments.

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